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The mechanical massage performed by the massaging arms is the foundation of the massage chair's operation and its most significant aspect. The massage with airbags, which first appeared in massage chairs in 1995, is an essential complement to this. In the following article, you'll learn which parts of the body are massaged by airbags in our latest model, as well as the benefits they provide.


 Airbags perform their most important function, which is to regulate the proper flow of lymph, improve blood circulation, and pump blood towards the heart, by providing contraction and relaxation of the muscles. Muscles are better oxygenated as a result, and blood pressure is reduced. A healthy circulatory system also aids in the detoxification process.



 Each massage chair equipped with airbags allows you to adjust the intensity of the massage. The Boss massage chair model EX-868 chair has full, ultra-precise regulation. You can control the intensity of individual airbags massaging different parts of your body, which means that, for example, leg massage can be more intense than seat airbag massage. Adjusting the intensity is beneficial in cases of ailments such as the aforementioned varicose veins, but it is especially recommended at the start of your massage chair adventure. When muscles are not yet accustomed to being massaged and tensions appear, it is best to begin with the lowest intensity. Naturally, as the body becomes accustomed to the touch, the intensity can be increased over time. As a result, the massage can be designed for the specific needs, resulting in extraordinary pleasure, comfort, and relaxation. As you can see, the airbag massage is a crucial feature that affects the effectiveness of the massage and increases the feeling of relaxation and relief. So, if you're looking for a massage chair with this kind of functionality, find a variety, and if you have any questions while reading, don't hesitate to contact us.

About this item:

  • Automatic Body Scanning - Smart body scan technology scans your body to detect your body size for individual custom fit massage.
  • Adjustable Width - The S shape massage structures in backrest were designed according to human body engineering principle, make back massage close-fitting in place. 6~21cm width has 3 levels adjustable for wide, middle and narrow.  
  • Space Capsule Zero Gravity - There are 3 levels zero gravity angles, clicking the button to adjust a comfortable reclining angle. Meanwhile, our heart and knees are in a horizontal line, which can effectively reduce heart pressure and stimulate blood circulation.
  • SL Track - Combined with human engineering and studied super long "SL" shape space curved rail technology, Massage distance is 135cm, makes you enjoy personal massage from the head to the leg, helps to maintain the human body vertebra "S" shaped curve, achieves relaxing the spine and relieve tense muscles.
  • Space Saving & Bluetooth Speaker- Ugears massage chair allows just about 5cm between the massage chair and wall. One-click forward zero space, leaving much space for you. The head part is equipped with surround sound equipment, easy to connect with mobile phone Bluetooth, so that you have a more relaxed environment during massage with wonderful sound quality.
  • 18 Fatigue Relieving Air Bags provide a relieving massage for your legs, thighs, feet, hips, shoulders, hands, and arms while promoting better blood circulation throughout your body. Better blood circulation has been known to help with plantar faciitis, Diabetic Neuropathy, and other conditions.
  • Premium Heat Setting allows for a deeper massage increasing blood circulation that can help relax any sore muscle and provide the deepest and most effective massage possible.
  • After-Sale Guarantee – This massage chair is 100% tested for performance and reliability before shipping, and is guaranteed and protected with 1-year warranty.

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