About Us


EXCER Is an e-commerce platform under  NextGroup Inc. a corporation registered in the Philippines. NextGroup Inc is an e-commerce and retail distribution company base in CEBU which has a diversified product portfolio.  

Our Vision 

We aspire to become a largest diversified company in the Philippines.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an opportunity for the young generation making them a leader in future generation. Through us, NextGroup Inc. enables young individuals to create, innovate, and grow their businesses online. Simply put, we strive on being the best e commerce to our customers.

Core Belief 

Enthusiastic- we are eager to achieve our vision and mission of this company and motivated to serve our customers what is the best.  

FleXibility- change is constant and being adaptive to it will lead us to success wherein whatever challenges may come it will not easily knock us down.

Care- our staff and employees are also the reason why this company is built at the first place; we not only just give welfare and protection to our dear customers but also includes everyone that is part of the company.

Equality- we celebrate differences and value each human being is possessed.

Responsive- we react quickly and positively to every situation we are in with integrity and kindness.

Want to connect with us?
Send us an email: excershop@gmail.com
Telephone No: (032) 266-9437
Mobile No: 0961 574 2366