1. Who is this Company?
EXCER Is a trade name under NextGroup Inc, a stock domestic corporation engaged in e-commerce and retail sales.

2. How can we guarantee quality?
We Inspect the product before shipment to ensure the quality and functionality; also we only offer quality products to provide longevity of usage and satisfy our consumer.

3. Why should you buy from us not from other distibutors?
We are expert in this industry and have experience for more than 5 years. We guarantee the after sales service with spare parts readily available 24/7.

4. What if the item will damage, where we can send it for repair?

We understand your frustration in this situation, however we encourage you to report it to us in this link: https://excer.com.ph/pages/contact-us

Procedure after you report it to us 

  • We will give you a call and video call with you to help you repair the minor damages.
  • In the event that your item suffered major damages we will send you spare parts and instruction to replace the damage parts.
  • If still cannot be repaired we will send out our technical to repair it.

5. What are your payment method?

  • Credit Card Via Paypal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash On Delivery

6. Method of Paypal Payment?

For paypal you can just 

Select the ( Don’t have a PayPal account?)  link and it's still accept your credit card payment. It can accept any type of Credit Card