16L 7 stages Water Purifier Filter Pot

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No Electric Needed
No pressure (Gravity Filtration)
Easy to clean
Drinking water
7 Stages Filtration

This system uniquely combines 5 different functions into 1 system
1) Dome ceramic filter which can take off rust stains and waste materials
2) Active carbon filter which has a high absorptive capability
3) Mineral stone which can absorb heavy metals and bacteria
4) Zeolite which can remove impurities
5) Far infrared mineral ball which can take out various micro-elements
1)Clear the dome ceramic every 7 days with toothbrush
2)Clear the outside of carbon cartridge every 10 days
3)Please change dome ceramic,carbon cartridge and mineral stone when purify every 10000L water
(about 10 months)
4)Clear the dome ceramic, carbon cartridge and mineral stone before use.

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